Thursday, December 16, 2004

school's out

So I finished grading my last final today...just have to drop the grade sheet off tomorrow and I'm done. Two thoughts result, though:

1) I have to constantly remind myself that there are the occasional students who seek the level of mediocraty. I had more than one student who scored in the fifties on the final. How can you do that? Doesn't there come a certain time in the study process where you realize that you are not gonna do well, and that your time would be better spent drinking grocery store vodka in the plastic bottle?

That's probably not as disappointing, however, as the students who SHOULD score As but end up in the C range instead...and there's more than one of them. While I really don't mean to turn this into a rant about "those wacky kids," this does show that hard work is more valuable than innate skill any time.

End of moralizing lesson.

2) Now that the semester is over, I can actually get back to readying papers for publication, doing research for future projects, and working on a book revision plan for my publisher...y'know, the kind of thing that I, as an academic, am supposed to be doing all the time. Don't get me wrong, I really do love teaching...and it has changed my thinking in real and vital ways. But it is gonna be unbelievably nice when/if I ever get a real job which allows me to do this stuff as a matter of course.

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