Monday, January 17, 2005


So, on the advice of a friend, I finally caught Boston was either that or CSI: New York, and that whole franchise makes me itch. I do like their constant expanding, though. It gives me hope that sooner or later we may see CSI: Wood County, OH. Coming up on this episode, the gang of super sexy forensic experts in low cut tops examine the crime scene for clues on who tipped the cow, Bessie.

Boston Legal, though, is great. James Spader plays a complete bastard and William Shatner is suffering from dementia. Both are utterly hilarious, mostly because the producers don't swerve into "well, they're really nice guys in spite of everything." Emotionality in my dramas makes me sick.

The show, along with House, takes place as the only things on network I will actually watch. You have to love shows with crumudgeonly (how do you SPELL that?) bastards as lead characters.

We need more of these particular types of bastards on TV. Too often, they just hit us with the emotional swerve, or they're like the jerks on reality TV that are simply idiots without being likeable.

I like my assholes done well.

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