Wednesday, January 05, 2005

job huntin'

Okay, I am back. I've been spending the last few days trying to put together my Spring classes (both of them...woooeee) in enough detail so I can concentrate on something else as the semester gets cranking....namely, getting a real job.

It's really too horrible to contemplate, yet alas, I must. Two classes at adjunct rates is definitely not a fortune. I need to pay the bills, and as the wife hasn't pulled in a six figure position, I gotta work more. Hopefully I can get something with a cool uniform and paper hat!

The fun part is realizing that I have to effectively minimize the education I've spent the last eight years or so getting. Strangely enough, a Ph.D. is not much of an advantage when you're applying for a movie theater usher position. Do I just list it under "education" as a general college degree? Do I lie?

This is also compounded by the fact that all of my work for the last six and a half years is education-based. How do I account for no real jobs during this period? Will a simple "school-related employment" take care of it? Again, the ability to teach Intro to Ethnic Studies doesn't help convince an employer that I can ring up the newest Nu-Metal cd or pour an icee.

If anyone has advice, or better yet, a cash grant, I'd appreciate it.

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