Thursday, January 13, 2005

over the oceans?

So, from Saturday to Monday, I had four seperate people suggest that since the job search has not exactly been a blazing success, I might want to consider teaching for the Armed Forces. My department chair suggests that there's actually pretty good money in this...and damnit, as I don't know if I can survive (financially or mentally) being a part time insructor much longer, I may actually have to look into it.

For those of you who don't know, I am an Air Force kid. I was born in New Jersey, apparently got run out of the state when I was one and moved to Germany, then we moved to South Carolina, then we moved to Florida (Jacksonville, which I consider my hometown) when Dad retired. The moving was interesting, to say the least, and although exposure to different, exotic places was kinda nice, there was a certain social transience which bothered me. It was, as a result, one of the reasons that I didn't follow in my Father's footsteps career-wise...well, that and I hate discipline.

It's kind of weird that I am now considering going back to the same kind of lifestyle. Then again, the constant motion and departure of whatever friends I might make is very close to how grad school is. I have to get used to a completely new social circle every year as is as friends graduate, find jobs, move on to other programs, or simply freak out. The main advantage of doing the overseas thing is that I am already used to the suck-ass aspects, and I might get to try some new beers. Woohoo!

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