Thursday, February 03, 2005


A repost...

So, in my off hours, I have managed to catch a couple of CSI: reruns in a desperate attempt to figure out exactly what the allure of this series is. Why is it spawning spinoffs at a Law and Order-esque rate? What brilliant work are they doing?

My findings? Not much. I'm not sure why anyone would actually watch this show, let alone why it is the most popular thing on television. The dialog is the most horribly cliched thing I have ever heard...WWE has more witty lines than this. The cases are fairly bland and predictable, and there's not even a "whodunnit" factor at work. About the only thing I have discovered for sure is that CSI: Miami shows more cleavage than the original.

But wouldn't it be great if they would bring the CSI: formula to other locales? Imagine CSI: Bowling Green. Who was responsible for the public urination? Who TP'd the frat house? Or CSI: Wood County...who tipped over Farmer John's cows? Or even CSI: Palatka...who stole the suntan lotion from the Kingsley Lake giftshop?

Ah, the possibilities....

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