Monday, March 28, 2005

five weeks of hell.

So, what could only be described as my "busy season" is underway. In addition to my class at Bowling Green and my class at University of Toledo, I have also started (today, actually) a class at Terra Community College. Also, my zoo gig has really kicked in (a blog entry on that one is coming up).

Which means that untill my UT and BG classes end on May 1, I will pretty much be working every day. Five weeks of solid work. Wee.

I would say that this would have a tremendous impact on my personal life, but let us be a result of my budget and other people's grad school freak-outs, I don't really have one. But I am missing a few key things, such as:

  1. PBS on saturday mornings. I will now never know how the newest project on This Old House ends. Will they finish in time? I will also miss the "What Is It?" segment of Ask This Old House Actually, I still think there's a book in all of this, namely, how did blue collar employment become popular entertainment? And what are the ramifications, anyway?
  2. my continuing quest to figure out what the big deal is with the CSI: franchise, and why people like it...previously chronicled in this space.
  3. sleeping to any reasonable hour. Under no circumstance should anyone be forced to be up before's criminal.
  4. decompression time of any sort. I can tell right now that for the next few weeks, I will be dreaming about teaching Zoo animals sociology.

I will miss all these things. It will be a struggle to get through the hellspot, but I hope I can make it. Mainly, however, I hope my wife recognizes me.

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