Thursday, March 24, 2005

reclaiming heritage

Tonight, I became a little more southern than I was before. Home cooking did it: my first attempt at chicken-fried steak, mashed 'taters, cream gravy.

Although I'm from Jacksonville FL, I have lived in Ohio for the last seven years. I find myself becoming more southern the longer I'm away from the south, which is interesting. Two summers ago, I started doing sweet tea...which, strangely enough, I never really got into when living in the south. Never cooked the chicken-fried steak, either.

I suppose that there's some ultimate lesson about how the very proximity to a place blinds you to its charms. Or, to say it like a country song, you don't know what you got untill it's gone. And I would desperately love to theorize this postmortem memory growth. The only problem is that I am still too full and bloated to do so.

Now, if I can only find someone in this bleak, wintery hellhole who can do legitimate barbecue, I'll be happy...but that's a rant for another day.


Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Wasn't that from a Cinderella song. The one with sweeping heli' shots of vistas in the video...yeah.

themikedubose said...

Of course, the sweeping vista shots doesn't really distinguish this from any other 80-90s metal video.

Just sayin'