Monday, August 29, 2005

for the attention of any wandering academics

Society for Cinema and Media Studies
March 2-5, 2006
Vancouver, Canada

Call for Papers: "Signs of Intelligent Life in the Media"

Is it a good thing to appear intelligent? More to the point for our purposes, what does the media think of smarts? Academics have frequently seen anti-intellectualism in movies and television, but is the media’s view of smart people really as simple as the pompous, bumbling professor? Is there in fact any cultural capital to being smart?

This panel hopes to examine the nuances of depictions of intelligence in the mass media. Some possible areas of inquiry include: the connections between intelligence and social skills; intelligence and mental health; brains as an asset or liability in reality programming; intelligence in sport narratives; connections between race, class, gender, and images of intelligence; mental strategy depicted in non-intellectual competitions, such as wrestling or competitive eating.

Proposals covering any media are welcome. Please send a 150-word abstract plus a vita and bio statement to Dr. Mike S. DuBose at by September 3rd.

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