Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Black Swamp post-mortem

So, you were wondering how the weekend was?

I got sunburnt at Black Swamp. The festival itself was great, and Lori and I bought our first festival artwork...a cool collage I call "Dinosaur Lady." We ate there twice. My fave festival food was the Thai stand...chicken on a stick! On the down side, the cajun place still has fried gator, but it's no longer on a have to buy a platter, and half the fun was eating it off a stick. Bastards.

I was a little underwhelmed by the music selection. Friday's acts just sucked, and we saw one person...who was with females and didn't want to hang with a couple. Saturday, in the afternoon (when we were volunteering), we saw two people we knew, but they just mumbled and went on their way. There was one good country act. We went back Saturday night for Chuck Prophet, who was a hell of a guitar player...unfortunately, his songs only really matched his playing 15% of the time. Again saw no one. Sunday, stayed in and went for TOTAL FOOTBALL IMMERSION.


Matthew said...

Right on. I have fond memories of the Black Swamp fest...yes I do. Eatin' them there critters...not part of the fond memories. Drinkin' them there beverages...yupper.

themikedubose said...

With gators, it really is a case of "they would eat you if they had the chance" the Troy McClure educational film about the food chain was right!

Anonymous said...

I think if I ever survived a gator attack, I might start eating them. however, until then, no gator's ever done me wrong. I wish cannibalism wasn't such a taboo. there's a species who's done me plenty of wrong.