Friday, September 30, 2005

expanding our realm

I am proud to announce that TheMikeDuBose the blog has increased our circulation. Two more sites have linked to us, bringing the total up to...two, I think. Meredith Guthrie's blog is one of them (it's been linked up on the right for a while), and my former colleague and Slobberbone fan-turned divinity student Brian Bork's blog Headful of Sermons (which I've just added to the list).

I hope one day to break into the double digits, reader-wise.


The DarkOne said...

I have also just added you as a link on my blog. However, I'm sure far far fewer intellegent things will be said there.

CJ said...

I linked to you too. Enjoy the White Castle!

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea how to link things via my livejournal, but pretty much everyone I know in Cyberspace already has you on their own blog page anyway.
Unfortunately, the library here in sunny Ilkley wont let me look at blogspot pages for some reason (why? I am afraid to ask) so I have to come and buy overpriced drinks in a bar with free internet and no filters to catch up with yourself, Meredith and Cassie.