Thursday, October 20, 2005

one final sex note

In my continuing effort to understand the commodification of sexuality in this country, we also stopped by a place called "The Women's Sexuality Resource Center." I guess it's a sign of something that a porn shop has to be a "resource center," but I haven't out exactly what it signifies.

When we got to the toys, we were informed that they were indeed demonstrators, and we could pick them up or try on the strap-ons...which I found a little unnerving, but I guess it is good customer service.

I told this to my friend Eric, and he told me that he heard the Seattle, WA, store Babes in Toyland used to let you take their demonstrators to the back room to long as you kept your underwear on.

This leads me to wonder what tehy do with the older demonstrators...could you buy them at a bargain rate, or would that be slumming it a bit too much?

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Anonymous said...

That sounds rather unpleasantly unhygenic, the kind of thing that would have sent Howard Hugues into a mouth foaming fit.
Then again, are other peoples genitals essentially more or less unhygenic than their sticky fingers?

On an unrelated note, Say hello to the lady wife from me please, and wish her well.