Monday, November 21, 2005

conference 06?

I just got word that I have been turned down for one of my conferences for next year. While I am bummed that I won't be going to Vancouver, my bank account is slightly less precarious as the result of this rejection. Now I just have to hope that my other conference gets accepted. Jen, who do we bribe?

The thing that's kind of weird about this one is the paper I was planning to present (not written right now, of course) has a lot of potential...which means I'm probably going to have to actually write it, which means lots of work even though I don't have a home for it yet. For someone who's having trouble scheduling all the writing tasks I already need to accomplish as it is, this is slightly annoying.

I once read a sci-fi story about a human mutant strain that, for the people born with it, eliminated the need to sleep (sound familiar to anyone? I can't remember when/where I saw this). Those born with this mutation were generally very smart, could get twice as much done as everyone naturally, the rest of society hated them and ostracised them. Personally, I wish I could not have to sleep...I could actually get caught up! I could get to all that scholarship which is sitting in my brain's "to do" file...which means that when I hit the job market again, I would actually have improved my chances.

Does anyone know how I can avoid sleep and get caught up..other than coffee, which is nice, but it would send me to the restroom too often if taken in significant quantities?


Jennifer said...

Hey, I haven't heard yet about the CSA - maybe no news is good news?
I think our abstract was fairly sound....

as someone who has sat on a conference organizing committee before - sometimes the organizers don't know where to place you on a panel & sometimes they see your abstract as too undeveloped or it just doesn't fit the theme they are going with. Could any of these reasons account for why you didn't get in?

Don't resort to caffeine pills - that's my advice. I knew someone in undergrad who used them to get through... not pretty....

Meredith said...

Yes -- caffiene pills = torn up tummy. I always go with the "drink lots of water, because then you'll have to go to the bathroom lots" and eat healthy(ish) snacks like pretzels to stay awake.