Friday, December 23, 2005

upon further review...

Had to go to the grocery store yesterday to get last minute food, and I came to this inevitable conclusion...I really friggin' hate people.

I swear, there's something about groceries which makes everybody oblivious idiots. No one was looking where they were going. Everybody was moving at .071393 miles per hour. Shoppers spending three minutes (no exaggeration) trying to decide what variety of frozen fruit they were gonna buy. People shopping as a family experience, which would not be a problem, but they were walking four abreast. Mothers sending their four year old to pick out the proper variety of non-diary creamer, and then yelling directions from the end of the isle.

And of course, in light of all the frustrations, I forgot a few key ingredients and had to go to another store upon unloading the swag from store one...from now on, I'm giving serious thought to shopping at 3am, just to avoid the morons.


The DarkOne said...

I agree, I never shop before 11pm because there are no children, no elderly, and very few people who just stand in the middle of the aisle and stare, mouths agape, at the cereal for 5 minutes.

Craig said...

My father has worked in a grocery store all his life. I can tell you that from his point of view, this is the most miserable time of the year. People ARE generally shits, and you can imagine what a packed store of assholes must be like.