Tuesday, January 03, 2006

put on the hats and dance

So I return to my hangover-induced internet exile to find over 35 spams amongst my e-mail accounts. Why didn't these idiots feel bad instead of I, a humble blogger?

We had a quiet New Years Eve...me and the spousal unit hung out with four good friends, played the last Trivial Pursuit of 2005 untill we got tired of thinking. The big ball dropping took place to the Regis broadcast, where the hosts were, hilariously enough, horribly out of time with the loud chants of the crowd. We then went to charades and strong liquor...the former because we wanted to see each other act out dirty clues, the latter because we all had mysteriously high tolerances to beer for whatever reason. The wife and I were the first to leave, at an early 4am...it was a nice stumble home.

Apparently, I was the only one who got a real hangover as a result of my binge, which would've made me feel like less of a man if I wasn't too busy lying prone in front of the television. The traditional Black-eyed Peas, Rice, and Greens for dinner for luck, another day of just hanging with Lori, and now I have 5 days to get all the work I was supposed to get done over the entire break.

You would think that one of these days, I would learn...but actually, to not ever learn from my experiences is my only resolution.

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