Tuesday, January 17, 2006

road rage

It was raining this morning, and I was angry. And I'm writing this because I can't decide if either (1) I'm turning into a crotchedy old man or (2) the world is arranged and run by blithering morons.

Can someone please tell me why new roads seem to be paved with black material? In the dark, in the rain, the entire road turns into a mirror. I can never see the lines, have no clue what lane I am in, and am always afraid I'm going to run into a semi. Is all highway construction designed to make me crash? Do these people have it in for me? Is it the world that's crazy, or is it me?

I fear that the "Am I stupid, or does the world suck?" bit might become a recurring thread of conversation...if so, douse me in Scotch and stand back.

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