Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yesterday, right when I was counting down days to the strike, we got word that union and university negotiators had reached a tentative agreement on health care (details courtesy of the Toledo Blade) and as a result, our strike had been called off. While the settlement isn't a perfect solution, it is much better than any other offer that's been on the table to this point.

When I read the news, I was so giddy I couldn't work. So I took Lori out to Uraku, Bowling Green's very fine sushi place. We ordered and ate entirely too much, and then the chef threw in a free spicy tempura shrimp roll that was too good not to polish off right then and was seriously orgasmic...which pushed us past the "eating" stage and into the "gorging" stage.

Afterwards, we went to Howard's, which is my favorite bar in the world. We hung out with three of our favorite BG people (Erik, Marnie, and Jamie), and I drank entirely too much.

Gluttony feels better when it's victorious, self-righteous gluttony. The only problem is that now, I'm gonna have to grade papers instead of picket.


Anonymous said...

Jamie drank a lot too, but it was so worth it. I was a happy happy drunk last night. I agree, it feels awesome to celebrate something big.


Jennifer said...

hooray - congrats!