Thursday, January 26, 2006

voyages future

Thanks to the tireless work of Jen, a normal commenter here, I will be attending the Culture Studies Association 4th annual meeting in Washington, DC, this year. The panel looks good...that is, assuming I actually get around to writing my paper, which, with the semester's workload and oft-delayed book revision plan on my docket, isn't exactly a slam-dunk...but I will soldier on.

Anyway, I just finished booking my hotel room at a Radisson outside of DC. It should be very cool.

First off, I booked via and saved about $100 dollars off the top rate.

Second, we can get to either DC itself or the conference via the DC subway system, which of course means we don't have to drive at all. Mass transit rocks.

Third, the rooms all have the Sleep Number beds...but the hotel room also has a video game console listed as an amenity...included! As if I needed another reason to be lazy.

Fourth, they have what looks like a nice bar on premises.

I really wanted to get a room at the Watergate, but
boy, are they pricey. Instead, we're just going to go to their bar and toast Richard Nixon's bones.

If all goes well, I'm also going to get a trip to Oakland for the American Studies Association meeting. Our panel proposal looks good, so we'll see. I want desperately to go to Alcatraz and drink whiskey from a flask...and do the same thing in Golden Gate Park.

Travel is one of the best things about being an academic.


Jennifer said...

Don't worry Mike - I still have to write my paper as well! I have all the books I need to write it, but they are sitting on my shelf :( ... unread....

Meredith said...

I have to write my paper, too, which means slogging through about six months worth of magazines as my primary research documents. Weeee! We'll get it done.