Wednesday, February 15, 2006

another stupid observation

The hosts of exercise videos seem to think that people are morons who can't count on our own. They also won't shut up. This probably makes them very annoying in real life. Imagine them at a bar? "And, drink, two, three, feels good to drink, yes? C'mon, work out those biceps. This is power drinking...feel that burn. Now, I want you to go get our special workout bar munches and chew. C'mon, chew! Let's get four more...and three...and two...."


Jennifer said...

dude, if you're feeling a burn while drinking -- put down the bottle :)

Canada used to have this thing called the 20 Min. Workout on TV. So classic - ladies in hot pink/neon green spandex & leg warmers, camera in fuzzy focus, pseudo porny looks at the camera, slow motion shots.... so great.... so 80's... you NEED to check it out here:

Amy said...

If you want to gain an appreciation for counting out loud, you should watch "A Baby Story" on TLC or "Birth Stories" on Discovery Health Channel.

themikedubose said...

Jen, I'm only ticket that the 20 Minute Workout didn't have sound. Great hair.

Mrs. Davis, the one reason I'm dreading fatherhood is some of the inane kiddie culture I'll no doubt have to experience.