Tuesday, March 21, 2006


A number of friends and loyal readers have told me that they now have MySpace pages. So, a query: what exactly will a MySpace page allow me to do which I do not do here? What are the practical/tangilbe benefits, other than the ability to put up a stupid photo of myself?

Teach me, please!


Roo from TwirlieGirls.com said...

I think the best thing about MySpace is learning about bands. You can add bands as your friends, and then bands that are friends with that band will add you, and it keeps going. I found out about a local-ish band that way. Haven't been able to see them yet, but it was kind of cool to discover an area band playing "my" kind of music.

It also allows random people to send you messages and long lost high school friends to stalk you. But those aren't as fun.

Anonymous said...

So, is the lure of doing what everyone else is doing not enough?
And the dumb photos, jesus, I pass a lot of time with that...

Jennifer said...

as you know, I recently put together a myspace page:


not quite sure what to use it for just yet. the adding of images might come in useful since some of my work is visual analysis.

somehow, having a link to other friends pages makes me feel so connected to people I've not talked to in a while. Completely crazy I know...

Meredith said...

I'm using my My Space page to write movie reviews for truly terrible movies. It's fun. I link back to my regular blogspot blog as well.

Also, like irishbrooke said, you can be friends with people like Morrissey.