Wednesday, March 29, 2006

random news and notices

The first sign of spring is here...not the birds, not the 50 degree temperatures...but Smoovies reopens for the season! Tonight! For those of you not familiar with Smoovies, I will provide more detail later.

I have decided to use the blog feature on MySpace to document my experiences with...MySpace. Hardly original, I know.

Anyone know how much I need to spend on job-related stuff in order to make doing the itemized deductions worth my while?

Finally, I have a DC conference coming up in about three weeks, so I have to now start writing the damn presentation. I'm not saying that I will be totally incommunicado untill then, but my appearances and posts might be less frequent. If I don't e-mail or call, that is why. I am, however, still available for beer breaks, particularly for Stimmel's or Howards, in case you're in the area.


Amy said...

I'm no tax pro, but I think your expenses would have to be more than the standard deduction for your level of income (unless you have other deductions like mortgage interest), so unless you've dropped some major dough this year on travel, etc, you're probably a ways off.

Anonymous said...

mmmm...marnie and I went to smoovies last night, and it was so freaking awesome. I also went for a walk yesterday and saw my first robins of the year. *and* I finished the first draft of my dissertation last night, conclusion and all (which is, incidentally, why I didn't call to see if you wanted to go to Stimmel's). so yesterday was a pretty awesome day. for me, anyway.


Matthew said...

Further proof that I'm out of the BG loop these days...I'm not familiar with either Stim. or Smoov.

Please fill me in homie(s).

Jennifer said...

I have to start writing my own presentation sometime soon!!!

Amy said...

I just tagged you. See my blog for what to do.