Tuesday, April 25, 2006

initial thoughts on my first visit to a "District"

Washington DC was fun. Much like I always do, I looked upon the trip as more of a vacation than a work outing to a conference. So I only went to my own panel (there was only one other panel I wanted to see, but I overslept) and spent a lot of time socializing.

Cuisines? Peruvian (whole fried fish!), Indian (lamb chops rock), Chinese (in Chinatown, with a massive noodle-twirling chef), and some of the worst bar food I've ever had. We also were next to a good ice cream/sub sandwich/pizza place. One night, one of my friends got a sausage patty pizza. They were honest to goodness sausage patties, bigger than the type you would get at breakfast, and they covered the whole slice. They were tasty if a little heavy.

We stayed at The Highlander Motel ...which made me want to talk in a really bad European accent, swing a sword, and shout "There can be only one!" every few minutes. I wish the "continental breakfast" was a bit more than donuts, and it would've been good if the phones worked, but overall, it wasn't a bad place. It was close to the conference, relatively clean, all my friends were staying there, and someone left a sixpack of Corona in our room's fridge.

We spent a bit more time at our hotel than I could've liked, but none of my friends wanted to go clubbing...for some reason, they prefered watching the Game Show Network...but there was a convenience store nearby, they did have Yuengling (which is a sweet beer), and they did have a regular patron who looked just like Elvis would've, if he were alive and in construction.

DC has a great subway...very Art Deco. I took some photos, and as soon as I get a chance, I'll figure out how to get them online.

More thoughts coming on monuments and museums.

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Jennifer said...

oh puleeze - if you wanted to go out clubbing, you know I'd have been the first one to go with you :)

some of us were tired from actually getting up early to go to the conference!!! :)

it was good to see you & Lori again - had a great time. I have a picture of the meat-on-pizza mentioned here. I'll email it to you so you can post it too.