Monday, May 29, 2006

all hail to the chiefs

So one of my stupid summer projects is to read biographies of all the presidents, in order. In part, this is because I feel inadequate in my knowledge of history, particularly early American (I'm much better in the post-WWI era). I know this will not completely correct this, as it does very much fit into the "great man" theory of history...but it's a start. I'm going from Washington onward, and so far, I'm up to Thomas Jefferson.

I will be posting my thoughts here. They will be very preliminary, most likely very shallow...this I know. I'm doing an overly narrow study by looking at one biographer's take on each, so there are a multitude of problems. Look at this as an opportunity to set me straight.


During my last visit, my Mother in Law informed me that I remind her of James Spader's character, Alan Shore, from Boston Legal. She claims this is more a matter of wit and speaking style...and that she is not claiming I'm a sleazy womanizer, honestly.

I'm not sure how to feel about this, to tell the truth.

Friday, May 26, 2006

themikedubose imagery

I have just posted a link to my Flickr page in the "themikedubose on the web: section to your right. On my Flickr page, I have posted some of my better, more "arty" photographs. All hail the digital I can waste 50% of my shots before finding anything remotely usable. If you have a Flickr page, please let me know.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

voyage back to the ancestral homeland

For any readers of this blog who live in the area, the wife and I will be going to visit my ancestral homeland. Yes, we're going to Florida. We will be there June 10th through the 17th. While it's not a long visit, we would like to see anyone we can. E-mail me, or feel free to call my parents when I'm there...the number hasn't changed.

Thomas Dolby was wrong!

Yesterday, I became a radio star...or at least a personality...okay, damnit, a guest. But I was broadcast! And that was a dream of mine...

Two of my friends got a radio show on the BGSU college station, WBGU. They call it "Off The Record," as it's the only talk show currently on the channel. Standard news, liberal student outrage, and gross-out humor, with wrestling commentary. They have a MySpace page for the show, and you can subscribe to their blog for show previews (if you're on MySpace, that is). You can also listen in via the station's web page...they're on 2-4 on Tuesdays. I'm also trying to talk them into podcasting.

Yesterday was their inaugural show, and they invited me on as a guest commentator for the wrestling segment. However, I was so busy configuring my new computer, I forgot about it. I only remembered about 3:15, when I was walking over to a friend's house to return a drill (used to assemble some more furniture-in-a-box...masculinity reclaimed!)...and luckily my new mp3 player also has a radio. So, I listened while walking and then called in so I could still contribute.

Of course, as soon as they put me on the air, I walk past a house full of barking dogs. About twenty minivans blow past me. More to the point, since I am a moron, I call in before dropping off the I have to walk circles around town to kill time while talking.

I did manage to drop off the drill and get to the studio before the show ended, so I became a full-fledged guest instead of just a caller, and it was fun...although I admit that having to keep FCC regulations in mind when I was talking was rough. Now we can only see if "Off The Record" actually invites me back.

At any rate, I am now a real, live radio star. Now all I have to do is star in a play, join a band and play out, have someone start a fan club, and earn a million dollars a week, and it will truly be a good year.

technology update

The latest bout of incommunicado was brought forth by a serious need for a technology update. You see, when I got my full time job last year, I also got a very nice, top of the line Dell computer...and I do most of my computing throughout the semester at my office. I've gotten spoiled by high network connection and a very solid machine.

When I started working at home this summer, I knew that I would have to put up with costs $9 a month, as opposed to $35 a month for DSL (the cheapest price I could find) I knew I would suffer some drop in performance.

What I didn't realize is that my machine had turned to crap. It was a nice computuer, but it was built in 11/99...and yes, that's a good, long time for technology, but its day was up. Whenever I would try to do anything, it would freeze. Moving from one open window to another took 30 seconds. It had no USB 2.0, so I couldn't use a thumb drive or hook up my camera.

After shopping at a local computer store, a friend suggested I try, and I managed to order an awesome eMachines system. It came in two days, but it gave me some nightmares by refusing to install my printer and making Word repeatedly crash after thirty seconds. My friend came over and solved the problem by installing a new printer driver, something that I tried to do for two days...and he did it a way that I tried (and which failed for me).

So the last day or two have been spent getting the computer loaded with all my files and software, properly configured, and all that. I feel much more tech savvy now, though. I even went out and bought my first thumb drive and mp3 player. I have sworn to buy a digital camera phone eventually and start mobloging. A Flickr and Snapfish page are not far behind.

I'm not trying to be a tech overlord or anything, but it is nice that people won't still laugh when they hear what I have. Plus my computer is now nicer than my parent's machine again! I just want supremacy in some small way...

Monday, May 08, 2006

channelling Neal

"We sow the seed, nature grows the seed, and then we eat the seed."
Neal, The Young Ones.

Lately, I've had a very slight desire to go "back to the land." So, after doing some preliminary shopping for a new computer (the one I have is still running a 333 Pentium II, which made the computer guy's eyes pop out...apparently, it's old...circa 1999 stuff is not still state of the art), I hit the local nursery.

First off, you have to love anywhere which gives out free popcorn. Large selection of herbs, so I got basil, chives, parsley, peppermint, cilantro, and oregano. I also bought a few new pots (since the plastic ones they came in didn't look too sturdy).

When I asked the nice girl working the counter (I'm not being condescending, really; she looked about 14) how much potting mix I should buy, she showed me their free potting/transplant station...and even gave me a primer. So I rolled up my sleeves and dived in.

I have to say, it was an experience that my friend Cassandra (of Adventures of Fifi) would appreciate...something completely new, something I've never even thought of doing before. It was oddly satisfying to transplant, and I have a feeling that my late Granddad would've approved, him being a farmer and all.

After driving carefully over and still spilling four of the plants on one turn (leaving a fine layer of potting mix on my passenger floorboard), I arranged the pots in my front yard's planting bed and watered them. I hope they live...not only do I enjoy the feeling of being their caretaker (more than I would've expected...what's wrong with me?), I want to eat them.

I'm open for suggestions on names for the suckers...although I think I have to call the basil...Basil. Lack of imagination, I know, but John Cleese must be recognized.

increasing my web presence for no good reason

For whatever reason, I now have my very own Friendster page. As I know absolutely no one on Friendster, this is especially stupid.

Anyone there who can give me good advice on take this level of web idiocy to a new plateau?

it's a nice day to start again

This weekend, I went to a wedding with my was for one of her college friends. Two things of note:

  1. During the actual wedding, the couple had a guitarist and flutist play any music, which was refreshing. After the recessional, when the bride and groom came back in the chapel to shake everyone's hand as they left, the musicians were playing something that stuck in my head...but I couldn't immediately place it. After a few minutes, it struck me...they were playing Neil Young's "Natural Anthem" off Ragged Glory...which impressed me to no end.
  2. I met one of Lori's friend's husband-to-be, a nice guy named Mark, who, during the reception, said "Actually, I don't mind "Cococabana"...the original."

Don't they both just bring a tear to your eye?