Monday, May 08, 2006

channelling Neal

"We sow the seed, nature grows the seed, and then we eat the seed."
Neal, The Young Ones.

Lately, I've had a very slight desire to go "back to the land." So, after doing some preliminary shopping for a new computer (the one I have is still running a 333 Pentium II, which made the computer guy's eyes pop out...apparently, it's old...circa 1999 stuff is not still state of the art), I hit the local nursery.

First off, you have to love anywhere which gives out free popcorn. Large selection of herbs, so I got basil, chives, parsley, peppermint, cilantro, and oregano. I also bought a few new pots (since the plastic ones they came in didn't look too sturdy).

When I asked the nice girl working the counter (I'm not being condescending, really; she looked about 14) how much potting mix I should buy, she showed me their free potting/transplant station...and even gave me a primer. So I rolled up my sleeves and dived in.

I have to say, it was an experience that my friend Cassandra (of Adventures of Fifi) would appreciate...something completely new, something I've never even thought of doing before. It was oddly satisfying to transplant, and I have a feeling that my late Granddad would've approved, him being a farmer and all.

After driving carefully over and still spilling four of the plants on one turn (leaving a fine layer of potting mix on my passenger floorboard), I arranged the pots in my front yard's planting bed and watered them. I hope they live...not only do I enjoy the feeling of being their caretaker (more than I would've expected...what's wrong with me?), I want to eat them.

I'm open for suggestions on names for the suckers...although I think I have to call the basil...Basil. Lack of imagination, I know, but John Cleese must be recognized.

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Jennifer said...

I am similarly having a nesting/gardening instinct. Unfortunately, I only have a small balcony that does not get a lot of light. I am going to do my planting this weekend - mostly flowers though...