Friday, May 26, 2006

themikedubose imagery

I have just posted a link to my Flickr page in the "themikedubose on the web: section to your right. On my Flickr page, I have posted some of my better, more "arty" photographs. All hail the digital I can waste 50% of my shots before finding anything remotely usable. If you have a Flickr page, please let me know.


Jennifer said...

I'll take a look at it -

be careful what you put up there. A female prof just got in trouble at her university for having topless photos of herself on flickr. They were artistic shots, but the right wing on her campus rallied nonetheless to have her fired....

so, Mike, keep your topless photos off flickr :)

Jennifer said...

wow, your digital camera takes GREAT photographs!

themikedubose said...

It's a all my friends know, my nudes are legendary.

(you can now spend the next hour scrubbing yourself clean, if you wish)

I have a Canon Power Shot A520. It's pretty good, especially in terms of photo quality. If there's a problem, it is that the shutter takes forever...a good second. This makes action shots very hard to accurately capture.

I also might do some touch-up in Photoshop. But mostly what you're seeing is my selective're not seeing the 75% of photos I trash.