Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thomas Dolby was wrong!

Yesterday, I became a radio star...or at least a personality...okay, damnit, a guest. But I was broadcast! And that was a dream of mine...

Two of my friends got a radio show on the BGSU college station, WBGU. They call it "Off The Record," as it's the only talk show currently on the channel. Standard news, liberal student outrage, and gross-out humor, with wrestling commentary. They have a MySpace page for the show, and you can subscribe to their blog for show previews (if you're on MySpace, that is). You can also listen in via the station's web page...they're on 2-4 on Tuesdays. I'm also trying to talk them into podcasting.

Yesterday was their inaugural show, and they invited me on as a guest commentator for the wrestling segment. However, I was so busy configuring my new computer, I forgot about it. I only remembered about 3:15, when I was walking over to a friend's house to return a drill (used to assemble some more furniture-in-a-box...masculinity reclaimed!)...and luckily my new mp3 player also has a radio. So, I listened while walking and then called in so I could still contribute.

Of course, as soon as they put me on the air, I walk past a house full of barking dogs. About twenty minivans blow past me. More to the point, since I am a moron, I call in before dropping off the I have to walk circles around town to kill time while talking.

I did manage to drop off the drill and get to the studio before the show ended, so I became a full-fledged guest instead of just a caller, and it was fun...although I admit that having to keep FCC regulations in mind when I was talking was rough. Now we can only see if "Off The Record" actually invites me back.

At any rate, I am now a real, live radio star. Now all I have to do is star in a play, join a band and play out, have someone start a fan club, and earn a million dollars a week, and it will truly be a good year.

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