Monday, June 19, 2006

post-vacation insights 1--travel thoughts

I'm not sure if I'm just tremendously unlucky or not, but South Carolina sucks. More specifically, their roads suck.

Hey, I lived there and enjoyed it, but both during the trip down to FLA and back, we encountered traffic in SC. Heavy interstate traffic. On our trip down, I thought that everyone must just be heading to the was nice and sunny. But why was everyone heading for the mountains on Sunday?

There were also several times when we hit bumper to bumper traffic, and there usually was not even a decent wreck...or any sign of debris...or anything as congesting as a dead bunny, let alone enough to cause a jam.

On the plus side, South Carolina did have the highest per capita of attractive people at their rest areas. Some states had an ugly factor unsurpassed by all save WalMart, but SC had some real babes.

On the way down, every hotel room within 100 miles of Asheville NC was booked. Asheville? Since when did this become a vacation resort?

On the way back, we got a nice hotel in Kentucky. I went to a convenience store to buy a beer (as to better unwind after staring at traffic for 13 hours), only to be informed by the clerk that I was in a dry county. I had no idea such things existed in this day and age...outside of The Dukes of Hazzard, that is. The stupid thing was that the clerk did tell me that I could get beer three miles down the road. Hey, that certainly will deter alcoholism...drunks may be addicted, but they don't like to travel? Hah.

As a result of this, I have to recommend that nobody ever actually stop in Richmond KY. Nice hotel and all, but the dry county thing is not really what you want when you've been on the, it makes the surrounding areas look like they're still living during prohibition. Guys, I say this as a southerner...if you want people to not make stupid jokes about how backwards the south is, please do not do stupid, backward things. I really hate it when people willfully live up to the ugly stereotypes placed upon them.

A positive? In some states, I have noticed the arrival of a new highway sign..."Watch Out For Fallen Rocks." Thank goodness that someone has abandoned "Falling Rocks"...they must've realized that you really can't spot rocks that are currently falling or possibly pay attention to rocks that might fall. The present tense in that one was stupid (almost as much as "Deer Crossing"...if you spot a deer, it will most certainly already be inside your winshield), and the move to an advisory to watch for rocks actually on the roadway (which can be seen and thus avoided) is a rare sign of intelligence.

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Meredith said...

Ah, dry counties. I grew up in a "semi-dry" town, which meant they'd sell beer and wine coolers, but no wine or liquor. Because, you know, we got standards. Or something.