Tuesday, September 12, 2006

because I'm such an expert...

I have come to some conclusions about the rap genre. As I see it, there are three possible directions. The first, actually attempt to say something worthwhile, is guided by the example of Public Enemy. As this is not tremendously popular with the prepubescent suburban audiences, most new artists don't seem to follow it.

Instead, a lot of rap artists attempt to "tell it like it is" in the "hood." This was at least notable when it was news, but by this point in time, is there anyone who really doesn't know what it's like in the hood? Is there anything new to be said?

Instead of following that model, I suggest more aspiring rappers follow the "let's see how many obscenities and shocking things I can throw into a song" model of rapping. But please, do it honestly. Follow the example of 2 Live Crew and actually do the dirty limericks and nursery rhymes...it's certainly more pure.

Not that I'm a major rap fan anyway...I've never really seen the abandonment of vocal melody to be a step forward (which is also why I don't really dig Cookie Monster Metal)...but if you're gonna be inane, go all the way with it, damnit.

Who knows? You might end up with a career as long-lasting as Luther Cambell and with as much integrity as Snoop Dogg (whose web site, strangely enough, doesn't mention his line of porn videos).


Roo from TwirlieGirls.com said...

1. Snoop Dogg has a line of porn videos? So I'm not really up on rap or porn, but wow! That is some very interesting news.

2. I think I know what you're referring to with the term "Cookie Monster Metal," and I'm not really a fan, either, but do you have to insult the Cookie Monster by equating him with that? C'mon, this is the guy (muppet) who gave us "C is for cookie..." He deserves better than that. :)

themikedubose said...

1. It's actually a "Snoop Dog Presents..." kind of thing. And no, I haven't seen them. I really don't want to see rappers in porn...

2. Point taken...anyway, the Cookie Monster has a better voice.