Thursday, February 22, 2007

academic overload

It's a strange period of my life in terms of research. After long periods of dormancy following the dissertation and my years of adjunct hell, I am deep into more research than I care to think about.

Just this semester, I am on track to finish:

  • a conference presentation and subsequent paper on House and models of authority figures in the postmodern media
  • a paper on constructions of race and ethnicity in pro football broadcasts (focusing on the return of the NFL to New Orleans)
  • a book review of a book on New Orleans tourism
  • a narrative of my year of adjunt hell

This is on top of my summer plans to:

  • revise and submit my horror fiction chapter of my diss
  • revise and start shopping around my book proposal
  • rewrite my diss theory chapter to center on cyberpunk, network theory, and identity
  • teach myself Gramsci

In the midst of all this, I just discovered, while doing research for one of my many papers, the common theme of my current work. I even have a title for book two: Whither Authority? Control, Networked Intelligence, and Authority in the Postmodern Media.

I hope I stop thinking of ideas before I explode.


Andy said...

Network theory and cyberpunk you say? Network theory as in "network society," like Castells? Or what?

Sounds interesting, we should chat about it.

I have mentioned my obsession with Gibson before right? And that I own everything he wrote and the documentary of him talking about nothing in the back of a car?And that Gibson once posted on his blog that "Reagan's smile" was an essential ingredient that helped him imagine his dystopian future?

themikedubose said...

E-mail me sometime the week after next, and we can talk, please.