Tuesday, April 24, 2007

last day of my popularity

Today was my last "in the classroom" day of the semester. Only one student wished me a happy summer.

This says something. I have, however, no idea what.

Onto grading. My posts might become relatively erratic as I try to avoid student writing.

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Jennifer said...

I always feel sad when I don't get anything at the end of the year. I've had students give me cards before. This year, I had one student give me a nice make-up bag/travel bag thingy from Chinatown that has Mandarin characters of good luck on it. I also received a lovely email from a different student. And, I had an handshake-in-spirit post exam (She was sick and didn't really want to pass on her cold). Those are always nice things.

I also get nice comments from students *after* the class has ended. It's like my wonderful teaching doesn't hit them until they've taken a bunch of other classes to act as a comparison.

I feel cheated when at least 1 student doesn't say something nice post-course wrap-up. :)