Thursday, August 02, 2007

publication, baybeee!!!!!!!!

Another publication! Woohoo! I just got word that my article/narrative “Two Years in Hell: My Life in the Adjunct Class” has been accepted for the forthcoming collection Thinking Class: The Adjunct Experience. Another line on the ole c.v. is great, and it's inspiring to know that my crappy experiences have come to some good after all.

Now, how do I celebrate?


smokeyb4 said...

Congrats in the accomplishment!! Always nice to get some form of reinforcement for the efforts one puts out. I usually like treating myself as celebration: a cd shopping trip or a browsing of the bourbon aisle are always good. For you, the interesting restaurant never tried or the cigar from the higher shelf than usual might be in order.

And since I had to create some sort of account to chime in and give my praises to you,thanks for the possible guilt in thinking I should have some sort of blog for myself by now....

Jennifer said...

excellent!!! I remember seeing the CFP for that, it sounds very good. Now that I'm adjuncting a little here and there, I'm very interested to read this. You'll have to keep us updated on it's publication schedule.