Monday, September 10, 2007

on further contemplation

Maybe the whole quality of television thing I brought up in my Dr. Who post has to do with the sheer number of episodes a year they have to produce. There's usually around 24 episodes per year of a show, minimum. Can you produce that much stuff and not have it come out stupid?

Of course, there are great American shows that don't treat you like a moron...The Shield, Dexter, The Sopranos, and so forth. You only really get them on pay channels or cable. It's the networks that have to do wall-to-wall programming and, as a result, get so many episodes of each show that the quality has to suffer.

Once again, everything is the fault of the big businesses...and let me tell you, that makes me feel much better.

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Jennifer said...

I agree, some of my favourite shows like Dexter, Weeds and The Riches are all 12 episode shows. All are also on Showtime. Coincidence?

The UK version of The Office was only 12 episodes + 2 specials long and it's pretty much a perfect tv show.