Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the 2007 themikedubose best of blog

(yes, this is self-indulgent, but it's my blog, damnit)

  • More than once, I had some hot blonde want to discuss hair care or offer to crimp my hair (hey, it was the eighties)...but if a woman is really interested in your conditioner, I seriously doubt they're looking at you as an object of lust. At the very least, it never happened to me.
  • Lonliness is never like it is in the movies or in overdramatic novels. There's no wailing, no shaking tears, no cavernous bouts of depression. I'm just empty.
  • (on the Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle): It was probably the most romantic V day I've ever had...which says something about me, no doubt. The wife also enjoyed it very much...which, no doubt, also says something about her. This is why I love her.
  • We were following these two native Baltimore women over a bridge spanning one of these, and I heard one say that she’d once seen a severed deer head floating in the water.
  • "Damnit, if you just liked men instead of other women, all those brave heroes of 9/11 wouldn't have had to die."
  • In a faculty meeting today, one of my bosses leaned over to me and whispered "You might be the meanest bastard in this department."
  • roomie: "I have two rules about food. I wouldn't eat human flesh unless I was pretty certain it was procured in an ethical way...and I don't like cilantro."
  • I still love the bars. I really enjoy drinking as a social activity...and bars have a great ambiance that allows you to overcome social anxiety and limitations on suitable topics of conversation. As a result, I've had some of the best academic, theoretical, theological, and philosophical conversations of my life over minipitchers.
  • Tony Orlando, did you have any clue what madness you had wrought? If you knew your lame song would've ended up supporting everything from right wing politics to wiener dogs, would you still have released it? Do you feel shame or remorse? Can you sleep at night?
  • Suddenly, my life flacked before my eyes. I was assailed by a montage of scenes...a number of military bases...a selection of crappy cars...smelly bars...countless years spent making pizzas...bad horrible fashion can I have loved yet stupidly cave-like high school...all the horribly awkward social situations that took place in my cave-like high school...hangovers...students with the "deer in the headlights" look...

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dr alex said...

do I ever hear you on the second bullet. mp is gone, my work is done, and I have no friends I could hang with without getting a catsitter. I wouldn't say "I'm so lonesome I could cry," but I do feel...hollow. knock on me and hear the echo.