Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cough, weeze

I started off my Christmas break with a horrible cold which then morphed into a sinus infection. It caused me to hold my head (which then weighed 287 pounds) in horrific pain. It also caused me to not do any of the tons of academic work which I had on deck. At least, however, I was over the whole cold thing for a season.

Or so I thought. I've had a moderate cold for about a week, but I didn't really feel bad until yesterday, when I was achey and just didn't want to move. Woke up this morning, and my throat was throbbing. The red glow from the soreness actually woke up the spousal unit.

I had to cancel class today, because I was afraid that my voice wouldn't hold up through one class lecture, let alone three. It's a shame, because I had the "How to invade Canada" lecture for my tech writing class, and that one's always a favorite.

I just realized that with my cold and with my grandmother dying, I'm just like one of my students! Oh, the humanity.

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