Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the dualities of the new year thus far

I started the Christmas break with a mega sinus infection. This sucked and was very bad. I laid around in pain until I got antibiotics. They were good in that they cured the infection, but they were bad in that they turned it into a 2 week-long cold. Weee...I was mucus city.

My parents decided to come up for the holidays, and it's always nice to see them. However, with infection/parent visits/in-law visits, I haven't gotten anything on my ambitious winter research agenda accomplished...and that's not so nice.

New Year's party, good. Lotsa good friends, conversation, and I learned a lot about the Orthodox Church, which was unexpected. New Year's Day hangover, also good. I didn't get up to anything notable last Dec. 31 and the year I'm hoping that my moderate hangover this time around is a good sign.

New Year's Day dinner, traditional black-eyed peas, rice, cornbread, greens...but I forget to turn the beans from "boil" to "simmer." As a result, the liquid boils away, and a layer carbonizes on the bottom of the pot. I also forget to turn on the rice cooker. This meal is supposed to bring luck. What does it say about the approaching year that I ruin the lucky meal and have to do takeout?

One of my favorite bands, Two Cow Garage, finally comes to my favorite bar in the world, Howards Club H no less...and it's a weekend when I'm away for a wedding...damnit. They also came to Toledo a month ago, when I had plans with the in-laws that I couldn't cancel. Is this a further sign of my upcoming luck?

However, I am looking forward to the wedding of my best friends, plus we get a weekend around Myrtle Beach SC...that's gotta be good.

I don't know how much I really believe in omens, but if the above are any indication, this year might just send me into the arms of lithium.

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