Monday, January 07, 2008

psychedelic oompah

This Friday, my favorite bar in the world had a band that I had heard about and desperately wanted to see: Polka Floyd. I managed to get a friend to meet me up there, because it was one show I did not want to miss.

Polka Floyd is exactly what you would expect: a Pink Floyd cover band that plays all the songs in the style of polka. My friend argued that they occasionally leaned over into zydeco, but he's an academic, so you can expect him to overanalyze at least a little.

They opened up with "In the Flesh?" but then went on to play the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. They then delved into Floyd's back catalog, including a few Syd Barrett songs. The only time they left Pink Floyd is when they did a medley joining "Pigs" into Black Sabbath's "War Pigs."

They were all phenomenal musicians. Musicianship aside, though, me and my friend spend most of the time just laughing our heads off. It both rocked and was funny as hell.

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