Tuesday, February 26, 2008

damn you, Bing Crosby

We had somewhere around 6" of snow. I live about 20 miles away from where I work. Naturally, this causes a problem.

I get up, and the spousal unit and I check the television and web to see if our work places are open. Hers has announced that they're closed until noon. She goes back to sleep. I go "grrrrr." and hop in the shower.

I make and pour coffee. It's 8am, and now, I'm awake. That's when my school decides to stay closed until noon. Caffeine is in my system now, so sleep is realistically an impossibility. I'm slightly peeved.

I go online and cancel my first wave of conferences. I get the standard web stuff done. I check into applying to the MLA's conference (it's the biggie for Lit types), but they make you join and pay the $80+ dues to even consider your proposal. I'm ticked.

Spousal unit gets up, and I gaze longingly at her for a while. Her school decides to close for the day, and she vows to wear pajamas for the entire time. I look out at the 6" of snow on our cars. I'm still ticked.

So I check my school's web site, and I have to dig to find anything...but still no notice of closing. So I go out and shovel off our cars and all the snow around them. I work steadily, but it's still that fun "you're outside, it's below freezing, and you're sweating" kind of work.

I come back inside, check the web, and NOW they've decided to close my workplace. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

This is all further fuel for my rampant paranoia, of course. And to make matters worse, after they finally decide I don't have to risk life and limb to work, THEN it quits snowing.

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