Saturday, March 22, 2008

if you really put metal there, it would hurt

Today, while exercising, I had the computer play Metallica's Ride the Lightning. A few thoughts:

  • I actually remember when Metallica was transgressive. When you played them, everyone looked at you as if you were crazy.
  • I also remember when Metallica was cool. Today? They're classic rock. Wee.
  • I will never be able to make clear to my students just how shocking it was to first hear "Fight Fire with Fire" in 1984.
  • Today, a kid listening to Metallica is basically akin to if I, when in high school, would've listened to The Byrds.
  • Is this really the same band who did "Enter Sandman," which had the really wussy "Now I lay me down to sleep" bit?
  • This album would've been even better if they would've eased off the effects. Metal guitar does not need a chorus pedal!
  • It's neat that you can have a full album and hardly hear the bass.

This is all secondary to my biggest conclusion: jeez, I'm old.

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