Monday, April 07, 2008

one step closer to victory

Here in northwest Ohio, we're definitely in the middle of "the turn." After a winter whose snowfalls never seemed to end (not that we got that much snow, but it just never stopped), it might in fact finally be time to put away the snow boots. Yes, we're finally at that stage where both the calendar and the weather finally agree that it's Spring.

The signs:

  • We have projected high temperatures in the 60s all week. Right now, it's already 52. Actually, according to the weather widget on my laptop, it's 52.8, but outside, it feels like...52.8. You gotta love technology.
  • Last night, we decided to take the tertiary quilt off our bed.
  • While me and my lovely spousal unit decided to go for a random weekend walk yesterday, we saw an inordinate amount of frat boys playing in their front yard.
  • There were also a large number of joggers out, with a particularly high concentration of stick women. I guess that everyone's trying to get in swimsuit shape. I'm also exercising a bit more in hopes of being able to fit into that bikini by June.
  • The Bowling Green squirrels are out in force. They are still a bit downsized for the winter, but they're still large enough to take on the average bulldog.

Pretty soon, it will really start to get warm, and then the town will suddenly shake off its annual winter depression. I can see it now. Frat boys drinking Natty Light in kiddie pools in their front yards. Sorority "chicks" sunbathing in the park. Drunk undergrads on the decks at local frat boy bars.

I look forward to all this, and it's not for the unadulterated love of intoxicated student behavior. No, this all means three things. First, I'm that much closer to escaping the tyranny of socks and moving back into sweet, sweet sandals. Second, Smoovies (our cinematic smoothie place) should be opening soon. Finally, and most important, we as a town must be only be mere weeks until the undergrads pack up and go the hell back to wherever they came from. The town will be ours again! We will have won!

ps: Just got back from my morning walk, and when I asked about Smoovies, I was told that they weren't opening this year. Hope the resulting bad mood hurries up and lifts.


dr alex said...

no smoovies?!? but...but...that means no "fruit and the furious" when I get back!!

your tale of spring in bg has made me so very homesick, and looking very much forward to visiting soon.

Casey McCall said...

wait, wait, wait... no Smoovies?!?!?
That makes me a very sad panda...