Saturday, May 24, 2008

on freaking brothers everyway like m.j.

I try to write every day, in the mornings mostly. Yesterday, I was wrestling with every single word, hitting them with suplexes, piledrivers, stunners, but they just wouldn't stay down for the count. This morning? Everything's going good, and I blasted out almost three pages in two hours...a fantastic rate.

Strangely enough, though, when things are going good, I always think of the Ice Cube song "It was a good day." Why not? Note the lyrical genius:

Today was like one of those fly dreams
Didn't even see a berry flashing those high beams
No helicopter looking for a murder
Two in the morning got the Fatburger

And that's how I feel. Writing went good, and, much like Ice Cube, "Today I didn't even have to use my A.K."

Peace, out...going to get coffee.

Post 400, by the way...sorry it wasn't more notable.


Casey McCall said...

I know and I are both going to hate me for this but...
While wrestling for words did you try any spears, helos, goozles, or just pick them up by the back of the head and give 'em a good choke for a minute or two?

I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry...

themikedubose said...

I don't get this...and this is a sign that you are either cooler than me or a much, much bigger dork.

I'm betting on the second option.