Monday, July 07, 2008


At casa DuBose, the spousal unit and I decided to hold a 4th of July cookout/party. Unlike most of the events I try to host (which are fun but woefully underattended, thus leading me to believe I just suck at big bashes), this evening went fabulously. Highlights of the evening include discussions about Jameson and postmodernism, firework displays over the top of our neighbor's houses, a threat from one female to impregnate random people with a turkey baster, intoxicated tap dance demonstrations, entirely too much sangria and beer, five different types of grilled sausage, a drunk friend dancing while waving around sparklers, slight antagonism between smokers of light cigarettes and normal ciggies, spilled drinks, fervent arguments about superhero fiction, cigars, random explosions, a late night run for bug repellent, a confession that “I'll probably throw up tonight,” and several abandoned vehicles (including many cars and a bicycle).

Throughout it all, we were adults...there were no beer games involved.


lauree said...

sounds like a blast!

I've never understood the appeal of beer games after college. I don't need a game to tell me when to drink, I just drink!

Jennifer said...

You've reminded me why I miss BG around this time of year.

dr alex said...

aw, I wish I was there!