Thursday, May 14, 2009

cleaning and self-realization

I determined that it was long past the time when I needed to clean my oven. So, on one of her last trips to the store, I had the spousal unit pick up a can of oven cleaner.

Tonight, I finally got around to starting the cleaning. Rather than just jump into the new can, I seemed to remember having just a bit left in a can under the sink that should probably be used up first. So I checked under the sink for said half-used can. I didn't find it, but I did find two completely full cans instead.

Apparently, every so often, I decide the oven needs to be cleaned, so I buy oven cleaner. But then I procrastinate, and eventually the can goes into storage. Time passes. Again, I decide I need to clean the oven, buy a new can of cleaner, procrastinate, store cleaner. Repeat.

This says something about me. If I was a stronger man, I might be tempted to figure out exactly what the message is.

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