Tuesday, June 23, 2009

faux reunion post 4

Things I learned over the past few days:

  • Although he's had some systematic changes in his life, my friend from CA is still a blast to hang with...and blindingly obscene.
  • There's a music store in town that's owned by Mennonites that have an apocalyptic theology...and Apocalyptic Mennonite Cult would be a great band name.
  • Reverend guitars are awesome, and I want one.
  • Similarly, Orange amps are great.
  • Remember how I wasn't able to make it for my friend's funeral? Well, he either was never buried, or I have no idea where he is. I really wanted to sing Motorhead at his grave.
  • When a car has a weak air conditioner, Florida really becomes unbearable.
  • Shopping malls are less cool in your late 30s than in your late teens.
  • I am not the only one who gets bored with metal that uses cookie monster vocals and drop-D tuning repeatedly.
  • I've been away from lovely spousal unit way too much, and the trip isn't over yet....sigh.

I'm sure there will be more blinding insights still to come.

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