Wednesday, April 28, 2010

desperate times call for a desperate drink...

...and I call this one the "Final Exam":

  • throw a bottle o' vodka and a martini glass into the freezer and wait a while
  • after doing some grading and hating mankind, fill a shaker with ice
  • add

    • 1/2 measure of triple sec
    • 1/2 measure of peppermint schnapps
    • 2 measures of the icy vodka

  • shake the mixture while trying to look cool
  • take the martini class out of the freezer and add two twists
  • pour the drink into the glass
  • enjoy while plotting the downfall of undergrads


smokeyb4 said...

buddy of mine used to do 1/2 pep schnapps, 1/2 vodka mixes. The Smirnoff Snuggler was this odd, resisting soluability liquid that tasted wintery but warmed the tummy.

And the faux martini of 1/2 vodka and 1/2 Midori (or 1/2 Blue Curacao if you'd prefer fancy blue drink versus fancy green drink) is always good. Either looks pretty in the martini glass.

smokeyb4 said...

thought you'd be interested in this: I clicked the "next blog" link post-commenting. I received the Worship & Audio Visual Team Blog. A Tallahassee techie recap of setting up for services and the DuBose experience apparently has a connection according to the Blogger realm.

themikedubose said...

When I click the "next blog" link, I get the ugliest blog in the world apparently dedicated to the owner's children and their plaque-ridden I suspect it's random. That's a shame, because your idea is better.

smokeyb4 said...

I pretty much always get some sort of music/metal blog when I "next blog" from the haiku review. Usually takes about 4 or 5 further leaps before I lose the music realm too.

So Florida church services = dental problems = the DuBose experience. There you have it.