Wednesday, May 12, 2010

turn, turn, turn

So, is it summer? it depends on what indices one uses.

The weather outside would suggest "no"--49 degrees is not exactly "pack up the wagon for a trip to the beach" weather. The coolness also means that it's not summer clothing weather...because There Will Be Jackets for a little while. And the calendar backs all this up, as it has summer officially starting on June 21...a long ways away.

However, my life (at least the internal chronometer section) revolves around school, and if the Spring semester is officially kaput (and grades are in, online course presence is shut down, stragglers are dealt with, and my office is abandoned), then it's summer in the only way that really matters to me.

However, it didn't really feel like summer until this morning. That's because I was able to start reading theory for the first time since...well, last summer, I suppose. I'm reading a pretty heavily theoretical text to boot. And now, I know it's summer deep in the fibers of my existence...because my mind is starting to click, abandoned synapses are once again firing, and once again, I'm feeling engaged to something other than extinguishing student fires. There's a part of me that's also kind of scared and wondering if I still have what it takes, but that's what my summer is: a combination of intellectual curiosity, mental engagement, and slight mental paranoia.

Beats a sunburn any day.

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