Tuesday, June 22, 2010

drinking cures pain

I haven't even hit the ripe old age of 40 yet, but my body is falling apart. First, I have a rotator cuff injury (which comes, I suspect, from too much "rocking out"). Then I get tendinitis in my foot. And right after that starts to heal, I pull a muscle in my (until recently) uninjured shoulder. Grrr.

Naturally, there is only one thing I can do: create a mixed drink! I call this one "The Anti-inflammatory":

  • Take a highball glass and add several ice cubicles.
  • Add one shot of bourbon and one shot of triple-sec.
  • Top off with apple juice, stir, and dream of pain-free days.

I must add that this is one damn delicious drink. I sometimes amaze myself with my general brilliance.

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