Saturday, March 19, 2011

the Rusty Scotch-Aid

Sitting around late at night watching television? Depressed at the state of the world, your state government, the forthcoming sinus infection, and hopes of a successful resolution to the NFL labor situation? Maybe it's just me...but at times like these, I think the best thing to do is (wait for it) create a new mixed drink! I call it "the Rusty Scotch-Aid":

  • take a high-ball glass and add ice
  • pour in a healthy slug of cheap Scotch that someone gave you
  • squeeze in a quarter of a lemon and dump in the remainder
  • add a tablespoon or so of sugar syrup...more if the Scotch is particularly cheap
  • top off with soda water
  • stir, sip, and watch scary television

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