Monday, August 22, 2011

The Urchin Sabbatical

Contemplating a semester with no student contact? Had a long day being parental/homemaker/cooking unit? Need a pick-me-up? Well, then, you're in luck...because it's time for a new drink! I call this one The Urchin Sabbatical:

  • put a few ice cubes into a highball glass to remind yourself what a cold, lonely world it can be
  • add a measure of vodka in honor of all the drunken undergrads you will never meet
  • add a half measure of raspberry schnapps in salute to the fruity comrades who are taking your classes while you wash diapers
  • top with a good ginger beer...because you're a zesty guy, damnit
  • stir, sip, enjoy, while contemplating late night feedings

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