Thursday, September 29, 2011

up, up, and away

I have come to realize as of late that my daughter is a superhero. My evidence? She:

  • is able to eat more than her body weight in a single sitting!
  • has a piercing cry with the power to cripple any parents in 1.2 miles!
  • can fight nap and bed time with an intensity belied by her diminutive size!
  • is able to bend time to her own purposes! She can make a simple diaper change seemingly take an hour.
  • can squirm with the strength of ten babies (see above point).
  • can cause intermittent memory loss in outside observers! Yesterday, for instance, five minutes of laughter while the two of us were playing "hoot" made up for all the yelling and screaming of the entire grumpy day.

...but then again, I always expected she would be special.

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