Tuesday, September 27, 2011

update...or why academics is doomed

Hey, remember the post the other day about my bad attitude towards scholarship? Well, there's been developments.

Remember how I mentioned two papers I've had trouble placing? Remember the one I called a "massive leap forward in terms of both theory and writing" and considered the best thing I ever did? Well, the essay was under review by an appropriate journal. When I sent them the submission, the journal required I print off three hard copies and mail them to the editors. At the time, I presumed the journal had yet to hear of e-mail, fax, or even teletype. Well, I just got a rejection....via e-mail. I am highly tempted to drop them a line reminding them that all rejections must be sent via hard copy....or, barring that, they need to send me a check to reimburse my shipping costs.

Secondly, the text of the rejection itself is enough to drive one up the wall. After explaining how their decision process works, they list their criteria for rejecting (not publishing, mind you...they only quantify why they don't like something) submissions. An exact quote:

  1. The subject matter or approach is not suitable for the interests and readership of [journal name redacted];
  2. The argument was deemed unconvincing; or,
  3. The argument fails to distinguish its contribution to existing literature on the topic.

Wow. That certainly clears up things. Gee, thanks.


Andy said...

You should totally demand a hard-copy rejection letter.

Patrick R. Saunders said...

I guess that experience was a little like when you were at camp and some asshole friend of yours, poured warm water in the palm of your hand.........