Saturday, April 13, 2013

on the future of higher education

I just saw a commercial for one of those on-line universities.  Having taught many on-line classes and having published work on on-line teaching (in The Chronicle of Higher Education, no less...when I was a scholar, I did not suck), I am enough of an authority to say that on-line education is a pale imitation of person-to-person teaching.  Better than a kick to the thorax, maybe, but not an adequate substitute.

This particular "university" had an interesting twist to the formula.  It pointed out the perils of higher education nowadays, and pointed out that these problems were really "opportunities"...for college administrators.  So you should go to their on-line school, earn your "degree," and then become an you would be able to have a good career creatively dismantling higher education as we know it.

Kinda like training at an abattoir school so you can become a barber, I think.

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